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I have been working with Agencies and startups as a web programmer since 2016.

I am a Software engineer and professional programmer from Pakistan. I work hard to establish great understanding with my clients and build trust by crafting robust Web Applications using latest technologies and frameworks.


“Professional Developer and Software Engineer from Pakistan”

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I am glad to have you here at my blog section and would like to introduce myself and web development services that i offer.

My Education:

After graduating in 2015 with Bachelors degree in Computer Software Engineering from Comsats institute of information technology Lahore, (NO.1 IT institute in Pakistan) and later completed my BS (Hons) in Software Engineering from Lancaster University (UK). I started working as a web developer at a local software development company. When i was a student i enjoyed coding in C programming language and Java. I coded many small code snippets,solved complex algorithms and participated in numerous coding challenges. I enjoyed programming with both C and Java, before i started coding in PHP professionally for web development. Because Php has Syntax similar to  C programming, i mastered it in very less time. I did my FYP in university using MS .Net framework and i already had good knowledge about Web and HTTP.  Although i had low overall CGPA but i was happy with my final degree and i had  enough coding skills to land a high paying job as a web developer in 2015.


How i got into Web Development

I was offered a high paying job as a php web developer at a company based in  Pakistan. I got chance to work with expert web developers and programmers and real world applications. Initially my Job description was to code some small modules/plugins for WordPress and Xenforo. I  got a chance to work with servers and how to manage the Apache servers. With in 6 months i grasped the concepts of web development and how the things actually work. But i was Hungry to learn new things and technologies switched my job to learn new skills related to Websites and web development frameworks.

I switched the company in 2016 and started working as a front-end developer in a startup. I think working in startups initially helps in learning much more than Multi nationals where you are limited to work only on specific stack. That was a small company although my main focus was to become a backend developer, learning these front end technologies was a plus point. I knew it is important to learn front-end development for better future. After 6 months i realized i am good enough to code the websites from scratch.

In the mid of 2016 i joined a new company. I got a job as mid level php developer. I got chance to code complete real world custom web applications from scratch. I coded many advanced websites using web frameworks like CodeIgniter, Laravel and Zend. At the same time I started working as a freelance php programmer at various freelancing sites like Upwork, Freelancer and Fiverr. 

Me as a freelance Web Developer

I started working as a freelance web developer in 2017  and have been coding Php based web applications and Plugins for WordPress and shopify for Agencies and individual clients.  After i realized i can generate enough revenue working as a freelance web developer i decided to quit the job. I had good profiles at various freelancing platforms that made it easy for me to get good and high paying remote jobs.  I had enough knowledge and skills to create web applications using CMS like WordPress and Forums/Communities using software’s like Xenforo, Vbulletin and IpBoard etc. When i started working as a freelancer in the web development niche, there was a lot of competition and i continuously learned new things and technologies like Laravel, React , VueJs ,Solidity and Blockchain etc. I keep myself updated by learning new technologies and i master new things in order to provide best solutions to the clients who need a reliable remote web developer. I can be your next freelance web developer if you need any of the following services.

Wordpress Development

There are around 1.3B websites in the world and more than 450 Million are powered by WordPress, If you are looking for a freelance web developer who can create elegant websites using WordPress site builders like Elementor, WpBakery etc, Or a reliable freelance wordpress developer to code Plugins and Themes from scratch you can get in touch with me. I have good experience with WordPress programming and coding themes from scratch.

Php Programming

People have been comparing Php with other backend technologies like NodeJs, Python and .Net since ages. Many of them say Php is dead or dying, But it has not happened in last 10 years and would not happen anytime soon. So if you have made a decision to get your website developed in Php, I can code a robust and elegant website from scratch for you. I can code your web application using a framework or from scratch depending upon your needs.

Laravel Development

Laravel has been first choice of php programmers and web developers since 2011 soon after it was launched. It gradually came to number 1 because of its libraries and awesome features. If you need a freelance web developer who can code a robust and secure web application using php laravel framework i could be your long term developer for that. I have done some awesome web appplications using Laravel that are live and handling thousands of visitors.

Shopify Development

Shopify is best platform to start drop-shipping or an online business with no coding knowledge. Hosted shopify stores are growing in number because we dont need to buy hosting etc for launch and setup. But if you find it difficult to setup shopify theme or need a freelance web developer to code custom shopify applications or themes i can help you with that. I can code shopify themes and Apps from scratch.

Xenforo Development

Online Forums and communities are growing day by day and so are the forum software's, People who understand the real power of communities prefer forums over Facebook Groups. Xenforo has been one of the best forum software's out there. If you need any services related to xenforo development i can help you with that, I have alot of experience with Xenforo addon and theme development.

CsCart Development

I specialize in custom CsCart development and integration with third-party systems. I can create ecommerce stores from basic to complex level ranging from multivendor ecommerce stores like Amazon to a freelance marketplace like fiverr. I have done many custom themes and Plugins for Cscart that were for individual customers who need additional functionality for their store.

How they think about me as a Web Developer

Anthony T
Anthony T
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We had a lot of difficulties with our host. Haseeb was patient with us, going back and forth with the ISP, to deal with server errors. Communication was good throughout the process. A couple of things I thought Haseeb could not do, but he came through for us. A perfect web developer and we highly recommend him
Julia M
Julia M
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Hasseb is a serios and polite person and a absolutely pro in his business. for me as customer it was such a dream because after first things we discuss he understand what i wanted and did it like same! thank you! Highly recommended for web development.
Robert A
Robert A
Skilled Seducer
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"I enjoyed working with Haseeb. He a true professional. He understood the problem statement, and solved all technical issues on time. I would work with him again."
Bruno P
Bruno P
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Another web development project completed with Haseeb. Made a custom web application for multivendor ecommerce store. Perfect deliver, great code, always happy to complete additional requests. TOP NOTCH freelance web developer and very friendly person. I will hire him for all my projects and for maintenance of this APP.
Junxian Z
Junxian Z
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Haseeb is a very responsible friend. He has provided many new suggestions to my project and also completed my project with high quality. Thank you very much. He is my preferred partner for the next web project. I highly recommend him for custom development and especially for backend coding.
Tony R
Tony R
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Haseeb took the time and energy to not only develop what I asked, but he learned why he was developing the product. I believe this gave him the ability to provide great suggestions and insight during the development process. Thank you Haseeb! I look forward to working with you more!

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Web Development Faq's

I am from Pakistan and it is GMT+5. I understand how important it is to do regular meetings and provide frequent updates about the project, I have been working with US and UK based clients as a freelancer and can change my work schedule to match your timezone. I understand how important it is for a Web Programmer to schedule meetings and provide updates.
Yes, i have a github profile, i have not participated in a lot of opensource projects but i have an active github profile and most of the repositories are private. You can access my github profile using this link.
Yes, I am fluent in both spoken and written English, I can do meetings via Zoom or Google meet as needed. Working with me you will never have an issue explaining complex web development concepts and requirements.
I have active and very good profiles at freelance platforms like Upwork, Freelancer etc. I prefer to work using one of those platforms so that of us process payments using a secure Escrow system, With my long term clients i have been using Paypal,Wise and Payoneer etc for web development.
For most of the projects i prefer hourly payment, my hourly rate is 30Usd per hour for Web Development and programming, but we can agree on a fixed price too depending upon the nature of project and for how long you want to hire me.
If the project is interesting and if we agree on a budget, i would be very much interested to work full time for you. Again, i love coding and crafting things for the Web so i would love to work full time if your project is not typical WordPress theme tweaks and Elementor kind of things. I am more into Laravel Development and coding Web Applications from scratch.

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