5 Best YetiForce Hosting Companies For New Websites

best yetiforce hosting companies

I have been working as a Web Developer for many years. There are many hosts and service providers offering YetiForce hosting services for different platforms. Today I will write about some best YetiForce hosting companies.

YetiForce is a customer relationship management software solution which is flexible and highly customizable. User modules and configuration panels will help you in the customization process. You will get an executive summary of your accounts, leads and contacts when you log into your CRM( customer relationship management ). You can easily customize this view by adding a widget from the handy drop-down menu.

best yetiforce hosting companies

YetiForce is designed in such a way that it facilitates the building of new leads and converts them into a loyal, returning customer base. Social media campaigns are used to do this specifically. YetiForce is particularly popular among small businesses, but can be useful for larger businesses as well.

By using YetiForce you can accomplish even the most challenging tasks in the simplest way. It was built on a rock-solid Vtiger foundation. Every function within the system was thought through and automated to ensure that all of them work together seamlessly and form a coherent integrity. The entire sales process was looked after and the system was refined consequently, module by module. They have a lot of experience creating tailor made CRM software for a variety of different companies. 

YetiForce functionalities

YetiForce has gained a lot of popularity over the years. It has helped the companies attain their full potentials because of it’s cultivated and awesome functionalities. Here I will mention some of it’s functionalities.

Best YetiForce Hosting Companies


The home page and the modules’ summaries contains widgets that represent the processes taking place in the system. They present data analysis on the screen which helps you to make important decisions. Everything is presented in the form of colored charts or lists of records. 


To plan and manage all activities in the company, you can use calendar module. It meets all the expectations of the most demanding professionals. It contains all the functions needed for effective time management as well as human resources.

Companies and contacts

It is a collection of 6 modules:

  • Leads
  • Contractors
  • Partners
  • Suppliers
  • Competitors
  • Contacts

It contains all key information about people or companies with whom you cooperate. It is one of the basic and most important functionalities in the system. When you start working with the system, you should complete these modules first. 


You can send and receive e-mails directly in the system with the help of YetiForce built-in e-mail module. This guarantees high security and the certainty that the e-mails are completely confidential.


The functionality consists of 9 modules:

Best YetiForce Hosting Companies
  • Campaigns
  • Sales opportunities
  • Inquiries
  • Requirement cards
  • Calculations
  • Offers
  • One-off orders>
  • Periodic orders
  • Query to the supplier

With the help of these modules you can control the sales process from beginning to end. 

Recommended hosting providers

YetiForce does not provide hosting and a lot of people will be looking to host their website somewhere. Here I will write some important information about hosting and some providers that I recommend.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is the most common form of hosting. A provider will set up and maintain the servers themselves, renting out the accounts with limited access to customers.

VPS hosting

If you require more control or flexibility on your site as compared to shared hosting then VPS is the way to go. You will get root access to the server that requires setting it up and you can install the required software yourself. If you are able to set it up then you can run anything and it’s an advantage.

Dedicated hosting

In Dedicated hosting, you rent a complete server for your website/websites. You care in complete control of your website resources and the extensions. The resources of the server are completely your own and no one else shares that. Dedicated hosting is suitable for websites having a high amount of traffic and userbase. But you need technical expertise or hire some server manager to install software, firewalls etc. Dedicated hosting is expensive.

Which Host to choose for YetiForce?

Whenever we search for a web host several factors are involved. These factors differ from person to person. A board admin who is looking forward to create a new community using YetiForce normally have a low budget and would like to spend as low as possible and that is perfect because this software does not show strange behaviors until you treat it badly or someone has modified the core files. On the other hand, an established website with members in thousands has to consider many factors like:

  • Pricing.
  • Support.
  • Security.
  • Speed.
  • Disk Space.
  • Technology.
  • Bandwidth.

You should not compromise on these factors.

1: Pricing

A shared web hosting can cost around $2 to $24 per month depending upon the amount of space you need and the number of websites you can add. If you are planning to host a single website you can get a reliable shared hosting for YetiForce in 2 USD for a reputed host.
A VPS can cost from $13 to $130 per month again depending upon the factors discussed above
A dedicated server costs $30 to $300 per month on average.

2: Support

Whenever you choose a host consider those that you can reach out quickly whenever some issue arises. Online chat system should be very good and they should not put you in long queues waiting for turn. I have had great experience with hosts who have implemented online chat systems because they resolve problems quickly. So, this point should be under consideration while choosing the best YetiForce hosting companies.

3: Security

Best YetiForce Hosting Companies

When choosing from the best YetiForce hosting companies, security should be under consideration. Make sure to read about the support they provide and how secure your websites and domains are when hosted on their servers. Website databases sell very high in the black markets and attacks are very common.

4: Speed

Speed being one of the primary SEO factors should be taken into account when choosing a host. A cheap host with a lot of websites on shared servers slows down forums and should be avoided. Try to make your online website robust by choosing the best host even if it costs a dollar higher.

5: Disk space

Disk space is not an important factor if you are going to launch a new YetiForce website. Also, you can add up more space later on. Initially try to get hosting that can accommodate your website and all its content and as you grow buy more space.

6: Technology

For YetiForce Apache with Linux hosting is recommended and it has been used by many webmasters without complaints. So, I would recommend this.

7: Bandwidth

It is the amount of data your website can process and transfer to your users in a time. It is measured in Gigabytes. Initially, your forum would not be having many users so you can compromise on this. But if you have an established forum, take it seriously you can use this post to calculate your bandwidth needs.

YetiForce Hosting requirements

I think we have discussed a lot about hosting. Let’s move forward to what YetiForce recommends and what are YetiForce hosting requirements.

  • PHP 7.4 (recommended)
  • Nginx 1.19
  • Apache 2.4
  • MariaDb 10.5 (recommended) 
  • MySQL 5.7, 8.0 

These are requirements for the best YetiForce hosting companies. I hope you know YetiForce is written in PHP and hosting should support PHP 7.4 means you can install PHP 7.4+for latest version. PHP extensions should be installed and enabled for the core functions to work.

Now that you have all the details and criteria to choose the best YetiForce hosting companies for your websites. You can go through all the hosts one by one by google search or buy from these hosting companies that I recommend because they are tried and tested.

Best YetiForce hosting companies

If you have any issues with the above-mentioned links or want to report those hosting companies, contact me. I will keep updating the list with new and better web hosts.

You can hire me for professional installation or general PHP development services. I have been working as a web developer since 2016.