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desktop application development

“A couple of decades  ago when the internet was not in use publicly, but the computer was used by  significant amount free users it was the era when the desktop application was in high demand. Desktop application was in top order and anyone at that time could easily say that the future of desktop app development is tremendous around some twenty years ago when people had their personal computer installed to work from offices and home but those two decades ago was the time when browser was, introducing and fall of the right future of desktop app development started because web application like HTML and CSS were proposed in which the former made it easy for us to build graphical application and later made this application beautiful. But even after all those web applications people still used desktop applications also after two decade but is a little uncommon as they are mostly used by professional who are dependent on robust demand their livelihood as they spend most of the time in desktop application some example of that profession which uses this desktop application to maintain to maintain livelihood is.

These application used by professional daily proves that there is future of desktop app development.

As smartphone are becoming ordinary people are getting less into a personal computer, and it is a common fact that the popularity of devices have an effect on the application running on them directly and this means that fewer sales of p.c. will have a negative impact on the future of desktop app development. It has been recorded recently that sales of personal computers are declining rapidly due to some political and economic transitions in market, but the IDC has said that it will stabilize once the shipment of desktop computer is maintained and then the demand of desktop application increase which may produce a good future for the desktop app development

Invention of AL has already changed the thinking of us but soon when AL will be launched publicly then we could witness the demise if the future of the desktop app development as the AL would take over everything technology related each and everything will include AL let alone for some security feature to dialing someone number we will not need an application instead we may speak, and the work would be done on your device, and it will be a complete and the future of desktop app development.

When it comes to future of desktop app development the name of Microsoft is must mention because Microsoft is the most significant tech company which believes in the future of desktop app development it still thinks in the existing product for desktop application development, and that is WPF, and they are trying to update the existent version which would be very beneficial for the future of desktop app development. The company is doing a lot of surveys and making decision with developer so they can make WPF a better platform for the future of desktop app development so it is a goal of Microsoft to achieve WPF better in every way possible and they are going to be this by taking to step one by improving the overall performance of WPF and secondly be customers feedback.

The main reason for declining future of desktop app development is none other than web app development ever since they are created. The worlds are diverting more toward them hence leaving behind a dark future for the desktop app development. There are pros and cons to both of these application development programs like if we see regarding installation process, then the desktop app requires both of our money and little time whereas web app development doesn’t need which save our both money and time. Then again because of money factor customers prefer the web app development which gives us the sign of a diminishing future of desktop app development. Following are the names of some desktop applications which were replaced by web applications

From the above information we can conclude that as the increase in use web app decreases the use of desktop app hence putting the future of desktop app development at risk but still if the companies like Microsoft keep on working towards the betterment of desktop app development tools then this field will always have a chance, and its future could be revive.

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