How to become a successful Web developer in this era (For newbies)

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Hundreds of students are being graduated each year from each university having different set of specialization bundles. It is very sad to hear the questions from a graduate Software Engineer like how to become a successful web developer?? How much will i earn if i become a web developer?? What is scope of web development??. Well only you can answer  such questions. Others can motivate you or tell you the perks of a specific field but only you can make a final decision. Every professional have reasons and logic’s to prove that his field is Best. Why?? Because that person has worked hard and did everything it takes to be a rock-star in that specific field of interest.

Before pursuing any specific professional career there are two steps to be successful.
1: Is there something in this career that makes my blood flowing with Passion??
2: How can i be at number 1 in this field.

Same things should be focused to become a successful web developer. Lets See how do you fare in the first phase of choosing a career in the field of web development.

love what you doTo become a successful web developer should be your passion

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.”    STEVE JOBS


The very first thing before opting out for a career path is to see what thing interests you most. Never choose a career or anything else in life just because you think it has good Scope. If you want to become a successful web developer just think twice. Is web development a skill or career that is best suited to your interest and liking. Can you work hard to do something different and a simple question when you think about becoming a great web developer does it make your body shiver with JOY? If the answer is yes, congratulations you are at right place lets move to next thing.

SCOPE: A very scary word that has destroyed thousands of careers:

I believe there is no other word more disastrous for a career other than SCOPE. I have heard fresh graduates getting confused and hopeless when they hear there is no scope of what they have studied. Even professionals are sometimes terrified by some stupid people who use this world.  Never compromise your interest or career for th
is word. Scope is only for the best. So if you are best or can try to become best in the field of your interest you will always be happy with you decisions. So if you want to become a successful web developer and you are 100 percent sure this is something you can do with Passion and Interest do not let anyone dilute your brain with this word. Web development is a great career path and you cannot imagine how much you can do if you are great in this field. If you still think scope is something that matters. Quickly checkout this discussion about scope at quora I will wait here for you for remaining journey.

What would others think about me??

how to become a successful web developerAnother thing that has killed our self dependency and confidence is this useless thought. What would others think if i do this?? What would my friends say about this career?? My parents would not like to see mee as a web developer they want me to be a Pilot. I request you to never ever let these thoughts come near you. Its your life and you should decide about your career. If you do not do something that you like you would make yourself a slave. And a slave can never spend life happily. Just tell those you care about your interest and how you can work hard to become a successful web developer, they will understand your logic and reasons. Still if they argue send them link of this page that you are reading right now :).

Skills required to become a successful web developer

If you are sure you have qualities,interest and passion for a skill the next step is to move towards technicalities. Here we are putting a detailed tips and personal experiences about the skills a successful web developer should have.

Learn Programming:

Programming is the mother of almost every field of software engineering. These days there are many Content management systems (CMS) and other platforms like wordpress,wix and shopify etc that can help you create a website using drag and drop interface. These are some good platforms that you should know about when creating sites without re inventing the wheel. But to become a WEB DEVELOPER you should learn the core features of creating the websites. There are several programming and scripting skills that you must have under your belt if you want to become a successful web developer. Youhow to become a successful web developer cannot call yourself a web developer a programmer if you only know how to install a theme or existing templates for creating a website. Here are some of the programming and sctipting languages that a web developer should know.

Front end web development

Front end web developers have skills to create a website or a webpage that has no interaction with server. No data is passed from website to the Web server(will be discussed later).

HyperText markup language (HTML)

HTML is very simple and easy to understand. It is used to define the structure of web pages using markup and tags (as its name suggests). Every element of web page have some specific HTML tag that makes it different and unique. You can think about it this way if there is no HTML we cannot create structure of a webpage.For a person with a background in programming and computer science it should not take more than a month at most to completely understand and become a master of this markup language. There are many resources out there that can teach you about it from beginner to advanced level. I would recommend you to get this free HTML training from w3schools or get help from other users at our community.So this is your first step before you start your career as a successful web developer.

Cascading Style sheets (CSS)

CSS is a styling language. After the layout of a webpage the second most important thing is to make our webpage catchy and give users a great experience. We are living in an era when things are advanced and everyone looks for best experience. Here comes the need of a language that can help us present the markup we have created using HTML in beautiful way. CSS is easy to learn and a great skill that you should have under your belt. Even if you want to become a backend (will be discussed later) web developer this skill will help you at every stage of your struggle to become a web developer.

JAVASCRIPT and its libraries

There are two kinds of scripting languages Client side and Server side.Javascript is known as client side scripting language. There are thousands of resources if you google about it to learn more about this. For now it is enough, this language is used to control the behavior of HTML and CSS of a webpage.For example, when we see some interactive dialog box at a webpage after some action this is controlled using javascript. It is used in browser (Client Side) and not on the Server. For making the web page fast and interactive without sending requests again and again to the server (which takes more time)  we use javascript. It has many libraries like JQUERY etc. w3schools is a great place to start learning it.

Consider your goal and interest.

These are the three core skills that a front end  developer should have. If you fully master these three languages you can call yourself a front end web developer and get your career started. You can create your own Static websites(will be discussed later) with these skills But, our goal is to become a successful FULL STACK( will be discussed later) web developer.

Backend web development

If we want to create a website that interacts with the server. As a simple exmple to collect information from a user , process it and return the data based on user input we have to command and give instructions to the server using some kind of programming language.

PHP( Hypertext Preprocessor)

PHP is most widely used server side scripting language. Almost 70% websites are using this languages for Server side programming to make websites dynamic and interactive. This language is used for creating facebook and wordpress (Most famous content management system). Although there are many other server side  programming languages. If you have a good command over this language you can learn others easily. Almost all programming languages are same the only difference is the syntax. You should focus on clearing the Basic programming concepts like loops, data types etc. It would be matter of a week to learn any other programming language.

Here are some of other programming languages that can be used for back end development. But at this stage they should only be used as a reference. Focus only on one programming language at a time because it is an old saying:”Jack of all trades. Master of none.” So master one at a time. Some popular programming languages are :C#,Ruby( on Rails framework),Python

Final Words about how to become a successful web developer

Consider you career as your passion. Think about it as something that you love and your first goal. Its is never impossible for a person to do something. We can either make it difficult or very easy. Do now learn anything just for earning some bucks or for getting a good job. Focus on it as your first priority and you will find the way. Never get confused about your decisions and never give ear to the negative people and negative words you will eventually succeed.

I have tried to write something that can help people take the most difficult decision of their life.Do let me know in comments if i have missed something.

If you have any question or want to discuss something about your career with me you can inform me in comments.

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