How to make money as a web developer using internet

make money as a web developer

Many people are searching for best methods to earn online using internet, There are many fresh graduates passing out from the universities with software engineering degrees and have started their career as web developers. It is very sad to know that our universities and educational institutes train the students to get high paying jobs at the companies but do not tell them how to make money as a web developer using internet. Although there are many high paying jobs for web developers in the companies and demand is more than ever before, but still if we look at the endless opportunities that internet provide us for making money online we will forget about ever doing office jobs. Brace yourself because this may become a long post but i would try to mention each and every method that can be used to make money as a web developer using internet.

How to make money as a web developer

how to make money as a web developer

This post is specially written for the web developers because there is huge misconception that web developers can only do programming jobs and web development related things. Why a person creating a web application worth thousands of dollars for a company or client cannot create some online business for himself? Even if you do not want to create a product for yourself still why cant you start offering services as an individual  freelancer?Even if you are doing job in a company how to think like a freelancer while doing full time job? We have much time to debate about this but let me show you what i will be going to discuss in this post.

  • Remote jobs without full time commitment.
  • Freelance web application development.
  • Creating website designs and themes for selling.
  • Creating back-end scripts for selling.
  • Create Plugins and addons for existing software’s.
  • Do web trading like domain flipping/ Website flipping.
  • Blogging.
  • Drop-shipping.
  • Your own web application.
  • Teach and train others.

These are proven methods to earn online without any investment that i have personally used to earn online after i started working as a freelancer. If you are doing job my sincere advice is to read this post and prepare your self for your freelance career. Now lets come back to main point and go through some methods about how to make money as a web developer.

Remote Jobs:

how to make money as a web developer

Remote jobs often act as a first step before you become a full time internet worker, There are many companies that work remotely and prefer to hire remote web developers for their projects. Companies need quality work in less amount. Hiring developers in office is always costly and they have to pay fix monthly salary even if they do not have a project that’s why they search for the best web developers who are willing to work on fixed price projects from home. People from Asia charge less per hour fees as compared to those living in Western region. These were some good reasons for companies to hire remote developers now for you, if you are a good developer i am sure you will find a high paying company easily using some job sites like indeed . There are thousands of remote jobs. The benefits of doing remote job for you are also unlimited, Like your own work timing, Chance to learn new technologies, High pay as compared to local jobs, Easy to establish other online earning methods while maintaining a consistent revenue stream. Web developers cannot enjoy these perks while working from 9-5. But before going for this method make sure you have some solid skills related to your field. For example these are some must have skills for front-end developers. The best way to jump into this model is start applying for remote jobs while working for companies and once you get a good opportunity grab that. Focus on learning new things and doing your work in perfect way for long term partnership. I personally practiced this model before i started my own applications. This is a good method about how to make money as a web developer


what is a blog and upwork logo

Here i have written a post regarding what is freelancer and freelancing you can have a look at that if this word is new for you. Freelancing is often considered to be an only option if you want to start earning as a web developer using internet. Yes it is true that freelancing is a very good option but it is not the only thing. Most of the web developers create accounts at freelancing sites and start bidding on the projects. Due to high competition it is difficult to get a first project, due to this thing many stop thinking about this model. This is very easy believe me, You have to differentiate yourself from others and stand as a developer. Do not follow others make your own identity online.  You can earn much more than your daily jobs once you have established a good profile at some top freelancing sites like fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, People per hour etc. Thousands of small projects are posted on these sites daily and many people have established agencies with many employees like us working under them just because they took the risk and started doing freelancing. So now is your time to think about this seriously and learn how to make money as a web developer. This post is about the online earning methods. I will make sure to write a complete post about how to start as a freelancer and which freelancing sites you should use. But for now if you have some web development or any other skill you should sign up at Fiverr and and start posting your gigs and offers to get started immediately. Check out those sites and sign up now..

Selling website designs.

how to make money as a web developer

Front end web developers are in high demand. People need great web designs for their websites for better user experience, If you are a front end web developer you can create amazing web designs and templates for selling at some top themes marketplaces. We have already seen people earning millions just by creating a unique and elegant design that people love to purchase. ThemeForest and mojo-themes are two top market places where you can sell your themes to generate a consistent revenue stream. Make sure to have good knowledge about creating responsive designs before you sell there because your reviews and work history would decide your future there. This one is a good model to start while you are doing your job or working remotely. Spend your idle time to create something amazing that would help you to earn handsome money. This is a good method to earn money as a web developer using internet.

Creating backend scripts:

Selling themes are for web designers and front end developers. Back end programmers also have many opportunities to sell the products they create. People need different kind of PHP scripts for their web applications. Like job scrappers, Data importers etc, These scripts are written in PHP etc. I am a PHP programmer and i created some script not long ago that can be used to scrap jobs for any website. It was much needed script and people happily hired me for its implementation on their job sites. This is also a good thing to try in your free time if you are a freelancer or doing some job.

Creating plugins:

how to make money as a web developer

When you start working on freelancing sites you will see many people who need custom coded plugins and addons for their respective content management systems like wordpress and forums like Vbulletin, Ip board etc. Normally when people start working as freelancers they start offering services for such micro niches that helps getting the freelance jobs easily. But why don’t you try and code an idea about what people need and start selling it? A good coded plugin that is much in demand can help you earn salary of an year in a month. This is the beauty of custom coded software’s and plugins. So try this model also in your free time that would help you get more clients as a freelance web developer and establish your own brand.

Selling domains and Websites:

how to make money as a web developer

Web developers are not supposed to do programming for all of their life. You should try to generate revenue streams using different methods. Living in such advanced era can help you do even better if you have a look at how to make money as a web developer using internet. Domain and website flipping is one such business model that can help you earn while you are asleep. Why not create an amazing website that you are sure someone would like to purchase and sell it for higher price. WordPress blogs are easy to create but still many people are lazy and do not want to do all this thing by themselves. Some people do not take risks to hire developers for creating a blog for them so they go for ready made websites. Even buying good domains can help you earn a handsome amount as a side business. These side businesses would give you a great financial support. So try these also when you are free, You can buy domains in cheap amount  like 1$ from different registrars and sell them at high price. These are some marketplaces for selling websites Flippa, Sedo.


Web developers often think that blogging is for bloggers and they are supposed to code for the webmasters only. This is not true, in this era every web developer should have a blog to show his portfolio and projects that he have done. A single good blog post on a weekend can make your blog famous in lest than an year. It would help you get more clients than any of the freelancing site. Mostly people find me using my blogs and ask me for work. So you should start a blog while doing a job to establish yourself as a brand. There are many ways to earn from a blog like affiliate marketing, Running ads etc and also there are many good reasons for this that i will mention in the upcoming posts for sure. For now you can read what is a blog and why people create blogs for their business.

Creating your own application:

Ever considered why companies are paying thousands of dollars for web applications? Are they stupid to spend this much money on web applications that are not going to help them earn ? No they are intelligent online marketers and entrepreneurs, They know how much potential of online earning  is there behind a well coded web application. This is a big step for a non technical person who do not know how to code for websites. Like they have to pay developers, designers, web hosts etc for development and than spend on marketing. But being web developers we can easily create such apps in our free time and dedicate some part of monthly salary on marketing. These applications can help earn way more than the freelancing or doing remote jobs. Consider this seriously and plan something for future also. You can also think about this while doing full time job but freelancers can easily manage time for themselves, That is why remote jobs and freelancing is always preferred by many.

Teaching and training:

how to make money as a web developer

Most of the developers do not like to code by sitting in front of computers for long times. But they have strong concepts of programming and other web development techniques. If you are someone who fall in this category this method is perfect for you. People are already earning much more than developers and freelancers by training others about web development. Websites like Udemy are good options to start. All you have to do is record a great online course on any topic and sell this on such websites. Research shows that technical training is one of the most easy methods to earn online and also it helps others. Before you start this model make sure that you have good knowledge about the topic and be sincere to yourself and others. Never try to sell something that is not going to help others. This is also an amazing way to earn online as a web developer using internet.

Well, this was a long topic and i tried to keep it as short as possible while conveying all the important information. However, Every small topic mentioned above is a huge topic in itself so i will continue to write more things daily to help you as much as i can. If you have any question or want to discuss something about your career with me you can inform me in comments.

I am a freelance xenforo developer and code custom addons and styles for xenforo.


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