Love what you do if you want to do something in life


love what you do” or “do what you love” has been one the most argued philosophy through the history to till date. As there are always some people present to tell us that we should do what we love what our hearts wants and we should follow the example set by some great people as tech giants Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Etc. Social media giant Mark Zukerberg, a physicist Stephen hawking painter like Picasso etc. who followed their heart and did what they love instead of other things and reached at the peak of their field there are many more people who did what they love and become more successful as compared to others now there are also people from the time when the word career was established who tell us that you should love what you do instead of doing what we love, love what you dotheir philosophy is that we should for the things which have a good scope and good career development changes we should take that job and then you should start loving what you do. But loving what you do also has its advantages and disadvantages just like doing what you love but the meaning of love what you do can also be taken as finding something you love and then doing that thing in the way love what you do can be used in a beneficial way. Following are the reason why should you love what you do.



Love what you do can make you productive:

love what you do

If you love what you do you will do that job with a good heart in this way you will be more motivated and you will be more productive in doing the things otherwise if you do a job which you don’t love to do you will do it with bad heart you will do only to take the burden off and your job will drained you and then firstly company will suffer the consequence and then you will suffer the consequences, both the reputation of your company and your reputation could be ruined, therefore we shouldn’t take the quote love what you do lightly and work on that.


Love what you do to fulfill your emotional and mental need:

Now the top reason for love what you do is the one’s fulfillment personally and has been proven many times psychologically that a person cannot do a job correctly if he do not love to do it because sooner or later the job will start taking over their mind no matter how much money the job pays it will start becoming boring for the person or too hectic and that is why love what you do becomes an important part and an easy way to always have our interest therefore a job one do should benefit their growth both mentally and emotionally and because when sometime you are in a problem you get relieve in doing love what you do and even get paid for that.

Love what you do can boast Confidence:

If you love what you do you will be more passionate, enthusiastic and ambitious with your work as you will keep yourself updated always about the changes and always tried to go ahead all of this thing can contribute to boast your confidence. Love what you do also means that you will try to research and gain knowledge in your desired field which will prove from time to time that you know things better than others and because of that you will find yourself more confident.


Doing what you love is always inspiring for other because you will do work yourself. love what you do you is more peaceful more productive in short an example even if you fail for some time there will come a time where you will rise and achieve great things and these thing would be enough to inspire others. The inspirational people all over the world are those who love what they do for example MARK ZUKERBERG loves coding and making new programs hence in the end he made Facebook, BILL GATES love to make computer hence became the biggest tech. giant, IMRAN KHAN loved to play cricket hence became the PAKISTAN nations pride by winning the trophy and just like these people the world is full of the people who are inspiration because they chose to do what they love over what other say in short they love what they do and you should love what you do.


Sure there are ways to be successful but success is not written only in someone’s destiny but you have to work hard to earn that and you can only have that if you love what you do there is no other way anything to do perfect is first you have to do with a good heart. If your body, mind , heart doesn’t goes together you can not be successful as there are many cases that people took the field because it pays more but merely the love it and in the end the failed at that field because their heart couldn’t follow that therefor love what you do is an important contributing factor in the success

Above point clearly shows how by loving what you do can shape your future life, career, and if you do what you do not love how easily your life both professional and personal could me messed up therefore one should keep in mind the above point while going in to any field of work.


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