Average monthly Salary of freelance web developer


Salary of freelance web developer is way greater than the normal in office jobs. But no one can predict salary of freelance web developer so lets have a realistic discussion. In normal job role as a web developer in any company you get a title either as a front-end web developer,Back end web developer or a full stack web developer. Your salary as a web developer increase with your experience. But in freelancing the salaries depend totally upon you and your passion.  I am a freelance web developer and can tell you with my experience and some logical facts about how much you can make. Here at shallibegin i encourage  web developers to become freelancers. But freelancing needs planning and you should properly plan about when to quit your job.

Starting Salary of freelance web developer:

To be frank using the word salary of freelance web developer  looks awkward. Freelancers do not have salaries they are businessmen or software companies on small salary of freelance web developerscale. Suppose if a web developer working at a software house can earn around around 600USD when he has just started his career. But how companies work? Normally web development company pays 1/3rd of their profit to the employees as their salary. Companies want you to make profits for them. So if you get a 600USD as salary it means you are making 1800USD for them. But wait!!!! As a web developer in a company normally you work for 8 hours daily and 5 days a week. This makes 24 working days. But when you become a freelancer you can work at any time at for hours that are feasible for you. Normally when freelancers start their career they have to work for around 12 hours. Because at the beginning you need to make a strong base at some freelancing websites. So starting salary of a freelance web developer can be around  1800 – 2500USD given that you have planned your freelancing career wisely and you thought like a freelancer while doing full time job.

Minimum salary of freelance web developer:

If you started doing freelancing without proper plan and without proper skills under your belt you will regret later on. I started as a freelance in 2012 at that time the market was open for freelancers. People were hiring individuals to get their work done. I earned 12$ in the first month. Just because i did not have solid profiles and reputation at freelancing websites. So be prepared for worst case scenario. If you are lucky enough you can get a salary of freelance web developerbig project in first month and you will realize you earn way better than normal job. But one thing is sure. You will get work for sure if you work with plan and be passionate and never back out. Things will be better after some months. Minumum salary of freelance web developer is 0 like every business. You are the one who can increase your minimum salary.

Maximum salary of freelance web developer:

When you spend 2 to 3 years as a freelance web developer you will realize that opportunities are endless.You will get so much work but you would not have time to get the projects done. You will pick only high paying projects. Normally you can earn 200- 400USD a day. Again you would have to learn new skills and raise up your game. A point comes in freelance career when you will regret that you do not have a skill to do a profitable project. You should be full stack developer. You will get at a stage when you will need a team to complete your projects. So only you are the limit and how much you can make as your salary as a freelance web developer.

I am a freelance xenforo developer and i inspire people who are doing full time jobs to become web developers. Stay tuned i will show some methods that you can use to start your freelancing career.If you have any question or want to discuss something about your career with me you can inform me in comments.

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