Software engineer interview questions and general preparation for interview


Please note here we are going to discuss some basic interview preparation skills and topics of questions, you should go through this small post before preparation for interview.

software engineer interview questions

Even the most intelligent and smartest people prepare for the interview they are going to give for the job because it will partly decide their life it is one of the most important and the person does not even that which question he is going to get asked by the interviewer same goes for
software engineer interview questions the software engineer interview questions are rather tricky than other fields the software engineer interview questions based on purely to check the knowledge and problem solving abilities therefore the interviewer ask those software engineer question which are tricky so he can see the person approach to solve the problem sometime he does not care if the answer is right or not all he want is the correct approach the other type of the software engineer interview question are book related which are asked to test the knowledge and memory of the person and sometimes the interviewer asked the general question to make the candidate feel comfortable.

Now following are some software engineering interview questions and tricks to give a good interview.

General question in the first phase:

An interviewer first start from general question in software engineer interview question sections sometime to test how the person will make its first impression and sometime to get him confortable and that’s where the candidate should show that he is the engineer and he is confident and capable of doing things following are example of some general software engineer interview question which are not asked only in software engineering interview question but almost every other interview hold by a big firm in any field.

  • Why are you interested in working at this Company?
  • Do you have experience with a certain coding language or technology we use here at XYZ Company?
  • What projects have you been focused on at your current job?
  • Do you have any leadership experience?
  • If so, how big was your team and what projects did you work on?
  • What are you looking for in an opportunity that would lure you away from your current employer?

All these software engineering question proved that you do not need to really have to go deep in any detail or have to give an answer taken from the engineering textbook but the thing you have to do is show confidence on yourself and show them that you can talk and work like an engineer and if you do that you will at least pass this software engineer interview questions.

Software engineering interview questions in panel interview:

After software engineer interview question in general category end the software engineer interview questions in panel begins. The panel interview most of the held on that same day on which you coding test is taken but in panel interview the question are quite tough which we also state above that they are quite tricky the software engineer interview questions are break into three types

  1. Cultural
  2. Exponential
  3. Technical

Cultural software engineer interview questions:

The cultural question are not much different from general question the are also asked to check the confidence and also to study about the candidate personality the mostly in this parts of the software engineer interview questions are like that why did you think to join our team means what excite the candidate to join the company they asked about the hobbies of the person three good and three bad qualities, what is their ideal company what can they give to the company they are applying how much they can commit for , how does they cope with a team ,what are the decision they can make on the basis of customer feedback. Etc. these were the some of the main software engineer interview question in this category.

Experiential software engineer interview questions:

Now this part of software engineer interview questions is a little difficult than the first one as it works on your knowledge it is just like giving viva in the university which everyone always get scared to give this section contain question like describe the coding from start to finish? How to prepare code for different kind of error? Preferred language for complex algorithms? Etc.


Technical software engineer interview question:

Now this part is toughest it contain really tough software engineer interview question they are like tell us that what is the difference between a mutex and a semaphore? What is multithreaded programming? What is the difference between local and global variables? Etc.

Preparation for software engineer interview questions:

This short list of question tell us that we should prepare for the interview first there are some ways to prepare for the software engineering interview questions.

  1. Brush up on your coding skills so you can easily clear experiential and technical part

  2. Practice problem solving so you can show them how good your problem solving skill are

  3. Do research first on how the company your applying is what question do they ask and also how good you can answer.

  4. Communicate with other to build confidence

  5. Go over the portfolio


Software engineer interview questions are some of the hardest question that has been ask from any one in an interview but still any one can ace it if he keep his concepts clear have a quick mind and confidence to answer those question correctly.

If you have any question or want to discuss something about your career with me you can inform me in comments.

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