Software engineering course details in various universities


Students who go for software engineering as a degree must have searched sometimes about software engineering course details but what is software architecture itself?
Software engineering is considered a field of engineering with a degree of B.E. rather than traditional B.S. degree of computer sciences it is used for designing and writing a program for a computer or other electronic devices.

Even if one has interest in going into the software engineering because of any reason such as a scope or because of any personal reason they must have to look for software engineering course details. Looking into software engineering course details is a very essential step before enrolling in to the program of the software engineering as it tells us about the subjects we will get and then we can think that if we can handle those topics or not software engineering course details varies a little from university to university as all colleges designed their courses according to different level some schools follow the international level while making the software engineering course detail some do it according to teaching staff and the need for the companies of their country, but software engineering course detail is one of the heavily debated topics between different universities. The software engineering course details are composed of the various subject consisting of 8 semesters to be completed in 4 years this article include the software engineering course detail per semester of famous  universities.

software engineering course details

Software engineering course details of first semester

  • Calculus and Analytical Geometry – I
  • Computer Logic Design and Computer Organization
  • Introduction to C/C++ Language
  • Probability and Statistics

These subjects just strengthen the things the students have studied in the 11 grade or 12 grade and some of these subjects are used to make the base of the further subject they are going to teach. The software engineering courses details also some times have subject like Islamiat or Pakistan studies, English and Urdu as their compulsory subject in their first and second semester to teach students about their own country or religion along with professional study so they do not forget anything.

Software engineering course details of  second semester

  • Business Communication Skills
  • Pakistan Studies
  • Calculus and Analytical Geometry – II
  • Linear Algebra
  • Object Oriented Concepts using JAVA
  • Software Engineering – I

Now in second semester of software engineering in Pakistan universities contains the course which will give students a little hint or introduction to what software engineering is going to be like also some course business communication skill to help build up their confidence, this sum up the software engineering course details of second semester.

Software engineering course detail of third semester:

  • Advanced JAVA
  • Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)
  • Data Structure using JAVA
  • Operations Research
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Ordinary Differential Equations

Now the semester will give a student to an introduction to more advanced software engineering topics it deals with the introduction of java which is important desktop app the third semester software engineering course details are the language and advance operation learning which will help us in comparing the java with other language and use if C++ might also get introduced in this also give a detailed introduction to Discrete mathematics which is describe as a sequence of individual steps, the courses in this semester are based on logic and proof, induction and recursion. The software engineering course detail of this semester is imply that after studying these courses you will have a mathematical know how and in depth knowledge of science and technology related to the field.

Software engineering course detail of fourth semester:

  • Assembly Language
  • Operating Systems
  • Business Economics
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Business Communication Skills – II

The software engineering course details include a major part of operating system which will introduce us to modern operating system along with Unix and windows it also deal with the numerical bases and also guide us to how to be good in business if we want to establish our own software companies or want to apply somewhere for a good job.

Software engineering course detail of fifth semester:

  • Compiler Construction
  • Computer Architecture
  • Organization Behaviour.
  • Practical Networking and Data Communication
  • Software Engineering – II

Now the software engineering course details of fifth semester contain a most important part of the degree that is the course software engineering itself, this course apply the basics of engineering and computer science toward the development of the course this semester also include how to build network and social sites etc.

Software engineering course detail of sixth semester:

  • Software engineering course de Advance JAVA and Internet Programming
  • Focus Course – I
  • Software Project Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Project – 1

This semester focus on advance knowledge of the basics course been taught in the past semester such as java in an advanced formed and a course as a project is also given to students so they can develop software or work on their ideas.

Software engineering course detail of seventh semester:

  • Distributed Computing
  • Software Process Management
  • Computerized Accounting
  • Focus Course – II
  • Software Project + Documentation Skills

Just like sixth semester the courses in this semester are design to help software and work on the projects.

Software engineering course detail of eight semester:

Following are the software engineering course details of eight semester.

  • Psychology
  • Software Testing
  • Focus Course – III
  • Project – III

In this semester the courses are design to fully train the student about the outside world how they are going to work and how to handle the project. Etc.

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