Think like a freelancer while doing full time job


Freelancing is most beautiful experience a web developer or software engineer can have. Most of the developers want to become freelancer while doing full time job. But only few of those developers actually end up becoming a freelancer. There are many reasons behind that i have discussed one of those reasons here in the last post do not love your company. Almost every developer know that freelancing is way better than doing a  full time job but they do not follow a proper plan. Planning is very important in every field of life. Freelancing is a business and you should think about that as a business. With properr business planning. you can take your freelancing career to next level in just few months. So let me show you how you can plan to become a freelancer while doing full time job.

freelancer while doing full time job

Consider your full time job as a practice.

If you are doing a full time job in your company as a web developer or as a programmer. Think that as a new semester in the university. Make your mindset as if you are enrolled in another course which involves only practicals and you have to pass the subject with high marks. You should have only one goal while doing job and do your best to achieve this goal i.e Getting high marks from all the practicals you do. In this case your practicals are building amazing web applications for the company. Do not care if you have to stay late at the office or if you have to work more than your actual office timings. But keep in mind and tell yourself daily that there should be no second chance or retake of exams. Normally your exam should end in 6 months or in an year and you should get a degree TITLED: Freelancer while doing full time job. You should consider this company as your place of work for 6 months only if you are not learning any new skills. Your exam preparation and practicals start from your first day in the office and ends when you think that you have made your place in your companies office. If at a point you think that you are not learning new things from your company. This is the time to take final exams and say good bye to your company. Because you need skills and your are hungry to learn new things but this company do not have new things to offer you. Take a farewell in good manners and say good bye to your company with good memories. Keep in mind your goal is to become freelancer while doing full time job.

Wait I have good salary in this company

Some students work very hard in their academic career and manage to get very high grades hence getting job offers from established companies. Those companies pay very high salaries. But the salary you get from your company should NEVER be considered as a money that should be used to spend and for enjoyment believe me this is no enjoyment. You are working from 9-5 and getting this small amount of money.Small because i am comparing that to your competency and reward that you can get as a freelancer. Consider this as something paid to you so that you can do much better things in your life. If you save this money now you will thank yourself in the starting days of your freelancing career. So, have a business mindset never settle for salary. Think big.

Brilliant students are not good businessmen/freelancers

No offence, But brilliant students in academics are worst businessmen in actual life. There are some exceptions but most of the time in my career i have noticed this and i will write complete blog post freelancer while doing full time jobabout this but for now lets have an overview. Why? Because when they get degree from university they start getting good job offers from multi national companies. The perks and extra benefits like free phone recharge, Petrol, temperature controlled offices and the brand attached to your name do not let you think about anything else for almost 2 to 3 years. While on the other side an average student struggles to get a good job in first 2 to 3 years. He knows he have to think about doing something better in life and starts searching for better opportunities. But someone working in multi National company realizes the truth of doing job after 5 or 6 years and at that time he cannot take risk to leave a high paying job for his own business and never thinks about becoming a freelancer while doing full time job. When we compare a freelancer and that brilliant student after 5 years the freelancer is enjoying way better life than him.

What is next after quitting your first Job?


If you have read my previous post “how to become a successful web developer”. I have mentioned some must have skills for web developers (LAMP STACK). I believe no single company can teach you everything. You have to switch the companies and get employment as a different role. Work as a front end developer in one company and as a back end developer in second company. Get involved in your companies projects. Stay connected with the colleagues of every branch in your company. Learn how they do things. Ask questions, This way you will learn many new things, that would act as a base of your freelancing business. Your goal should be to establish your own company and these things would highly help.

Now that you have left your job. Join another company do not worry if your salary is lower than the first one because you are going to be a freelancer while doing full time job. Consider this as your second step OR Degree.  Be honest with yourself and your goals. Things can be hard at the start but they will surely pay you much better than what you think.

Final Words

I followed same path and achieved much more than what i thought. Next i will discuss about some more important things before you should become a freelancer while doing full time job. I believe i am no better than you but i had a good plan and goal . I encourage you to set realistic goals and have plans for your future. You will win for sure.If you have any question or want to discuss something about your career with me you can inform me in comments.

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