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In this fast world everything is associated with technology and almost every technology (virtual) is associated with some kind of software that is why now we need the top software companies form more than ever the top software companies made the software which help us not in our daily life for writing document, or connecting people but also in various top offices. Some software are designed by top software companies are used by police agencies such as face recognition to recognize the criminal and also by government for different purposes. Therefore Forbes started it survey on top software companies, it is an annual ranking of top software companies the Forbes magazine survey each software company of the world and then give the ranking of 200 top software companies the Forbes 200 give the verdict of top software companies on the basis of sales, profit, assets and market. Following are the 10 top software companies of the world.

top software companies

Microsoft corporation:

top software companies

When talking about top software companies and Microsoft name doesn’t pop up cannot happen, Even a kid knows that Microsoft is the top software company of the world. The most popular software by Microsoft is operating system then Microsoft and internet explorer. It is ranked top software company in the world by revenue. The Microsoft corporation is founded by the one and only Bill gates and Paul Allen and have more than 12000 employs to develop software. The revenue of Microsoft according to a report is following:

  • Revenue US$ 86.83 billion
  • Operating income US$ 27.76 billion
  • Net income US$ 22.07 billion
  • Total assets US$ 172.38 billion
  • Total equity US$ 89.78 billion


Oracle Corporation:

top software companies

It is the second top software company of the world it is located in redwood California and was founded in 1977 by Larry Ellison, oracle corporation develops database system, cloud engineering system, customer management software and supply chain management software the annual income report of oracle which made it the top software companies in the world are following.




  • Revenue – US$ 38.23 billion
  • Operating income – US$ 13.87 billion
  • Net income – US$ 9.94 billion
  • Total assets – US$ 110.90 billion
  • Total equity – US$ 49.10 billion



top software companies

Sap stands for system Applications and Products in Data Processing. It is a German company some years ago it was not that big of a company but it made it way in the top software company list by making those software which manage business and customer relation. It has more than 3 lacs customers in 190 countries which proves that it is one of the top software company of the world. Following is the revenue of the SAP.

  • Revenue – €17.56 billion
  • Operating income – €4.331 billion
  • Profit – €3.275 billion
  • Total assets – €38.374 billion
  • Total equity – €19.594 billion

International Business Machines (IBM):

top software companies

Another top software company is none other than IBM was founded in 1911 it was named Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company which later changed to IBM (International business management). It works in the development and marketing of computer software, hardware and it also offers hosting, consulting services it has 3 lacs and eighty thousands employ working for them

  • Revenue US$ 92.793 billion
  • Operating income US$ 19.986 billion
  • Net income US$ 12.023 billion
  • Total assets US$ 117.53 billion
  • Total equity US$ 11.868 billion

Symantec Corporation:

Symantec Corporation is another top software company named by forbes it makes one of the most important software because it makes the top software for security it also produce storage and backup software and also provide software maintenance service to its own software products. It is considered as the 4th top software company of the world.

  • Revenue US$ 6.676 billion
  • Operating income US$ 1.183 billion
  • Profit US$ 898 million
  • Total assets US$ 13.54 billion
  • Total equity US$ 5.797 billion


Another top software company of the world is VMWare it is a US based software which was founded in 1998 it provide services in cloud and virtualizations the VMWARE software can works on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X platforms.

  • Revenue – US$ 6.035 billion
  • Operating income – US$ 1.027 billion
  • Net income – US$ 0.86 billion
  • Total assets – US$ 15.216 billion
  • Total equity – US$ 7.586 billion

EMC Corporation:

Now the last top software company of this article us going to be EMC corporation it is also a US based company, it deals with the product and service which includes data storage, information security, virtualization, analytics and cloud computing.

Following are the total income report of EMC Corporation.

  • Revenue US$24.440 billion
  • Operating income US$4.037 billion
  • Net income US$2.714 billion
  • Total assets US$45.885 billion
  • Total equity US$23.525 billion


So above mention were the top software companies of the worlds in which each were unique some provide services to ordinary people some provide to government official for security purposes and some to private companies all these thing proves how much we need software and the companies to made these software. if you want to become a top software engineer you should work hard and have your targets high to join one of these companies


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