What is a blog post and how to create a perfect one

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The first most important step after creating a blog is to create a perfect blog post. You should have an in depth idea about what is a blog post and how to write an engaging post. I have already written a complete post to explain what is a blog if you are new to blogs and blogging i would recommend you to have a quick look at that post to understand this system. Blogging is the hottest and most sought after online earning method, but unfortunately many people forget the basic and imperative steps that should be understood before starting a blog. Creating a perfect blog post is one of those steps that comes at first number.

What is a blog Post

what is a blog post

A blog is basically collection of blog posts arranged in proper order and categories. Collection of blog posts create a blog alive, Right now you are reading a blog post from my blog www.shallibegin.com.  It is a single entry that you write about the sub topic of your blog. For example here at this blog i write about web development, Blogging and Freelancing. I have added many blog posts in each category. The option to add categories is an awesome feature available in every blogging platform.  It helps readers to search for the desired results easily. There are many features and characteristics that converts a simple post into a perfect and valuable blog post. On the internet i have seen many posts that are written with good English and have great content inside them but they fail to attract visitors. Do you know why? Because they forget the basic rules. Lets discuss some characteristics that exactly shows what is a blog post actually.

A topic of Blog post:

Every article written on the internet covers a small topic, If you think about blog as a book, Blog post is a single page of that book. A book can have many topics that are divided into chapters and pages. So first of all there should be a topic of blog post. So choose a good topic to write about right after you think about a new post. Most of the times the topic of blog posts are mentioned in the tile and first paragraph to give readers an overview.

Categories of blog post:

what is a blog psot

Categories are awesome, they help blog owners to arrange the content as already mentioned above. Most of the people do not create categories before they start writing a  blog post. This is worst mistake. Perfect blog posts are added in the categories and often in sub categories to help the readers find related content. I am writing this post on topic ‘What is a blog post”, Many people would like to know about how to write a perfect blog post , so that post should also be somewhere near to it. That is example of a good blog. So always create categories for your blog.


Ability to add tags is another amazing feature available in most of the blogging platforms. Tagging also helps users to find the related content easily. So make sure to add appropriate tags for your new posts. I am adding this post on the Topic blog  so is should add tags related to this one, Before i post i will add tags like “What is a blog post, blog post, blogging guide ” etc. Would not it be easy for new visitors to click on specific tag and get all the topics? Awesome.

Featured image:

Featured images helps readers to get more information about the topic before they actually open it. This feature of posts helps users to make up their minds to actually click and read the post. So, use this feature intelligently , do not add fake photos or something that is not suitable to your blog post. A perfect featured image is one that supports the title of article.


A blog post can have different types of content like paragraphs headings , bullet points info-graphics. videos. I would recommend you to write complete content in words for users to get the complete information about the topic. Often people create posts that are not complete. Their aim is to get the visitors at their site and persuade them to click on some links or see the ads for revenue. Do not do this, be sincere to your visitors be honest and spread complete information. Use the photos where possible, it give good user experience.

This was a short and clear introduction about the blog posts. It is easy to know what is a blog post but it is very difficult to follow the rules that give life to blog posts. So make sure to implement the information that i have written above.If you have any question or want to discuss something about your career with me you can inform me in comments.

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