What is a blog and why people create blogs for their business

what is a blog

Blogging is one of the methods that can be used to earn online or inform the vistors about some activity in many different ways. Like running ads,affiliate marketing,selling products or services. But what is a blog? and what are some of the features of a blog. There are many other guides about blogging and a blog on the internet. The method of writing this post is to write a realistic and detailed guide to help you understand the basic of this technique. This post is just for an overview about what is a blog. I will write detailed posts about blogging and how to start a blog later on to keep the things simple. In this post lets discuss:

  • What is a blog.
  • Why people create blogs.

What is a blog

A blog is a type of website where you can write or update the content whenever you want. When you add new content it shows up at the top of the old content. The content that you add can be added to specific category or tags to differentiate it from other content. For example. Right now you are reading my blog. I am adding this post about “what is a blog” in a separate category i.e Blogging. If you check the navigation of my blog you can see some categories that i have added. If you click on any of those menus you would be redirected to that specific category and all the content that i have added in that. If you click on Freelancing.

You will see my blog like this image:

what is a blog

From the definition of blog you can assume that the post How to be a freelancer was added recently. Normally you add new contents from the admin panel of your blog. The admin panel of your blog software  allows you to categorize your content. I am using wordpress for shallibegin.com. At the time of writing this post here is how i can see the screen:

what is a blog and wordpress admin panel

Admin panel of this blog:

Adding categories to my current blog post:

what is a blog and categories

Adding tags and featured image to blog post:

what is a blog and its tags

This is a very easy process. Simple answer to the question “what is a blog”? ok blog is actually a collection of content shown in newest first method with the categories and tags being added from the admin panel. The categorized content is shown with in each category and page. User can jump to any category or blog post just by clicking on category name. Search functionality is also available on most of the software’s available in the market.

Why people create blogs:

I hope you have an answer to your question what is a blog. Lets now discuss why the hell people create blogs. Why they just do not have a normal website. There are different reasons for creating blogs. Lets discuss them one by one.

  • For promoting their web application:

Whenever some web application or a product is created. It needs an audience or viewers. Without exposure or viewers the applications are useless. Even if someone creates an amazing web application. If it do not have appropriate visitors it is useless. So people create blogs

what is a blog and upwork logo

to promote their product or service. Normally such blogs are added in the /blog directory for example: A very famous freelancing site Upwork have their blog like this -> www.upwork.com/blog. The real thing is why such an amazing freelancing portal has a blog? Because they have to promote their service and keep visitors coming back for their queries and questions.

  • For earning money online:

Many people start blogging to earn money online. Blogging is one of the best methods to earn online. I mean there are so many ways that can be used. Normally blogs are created on a specific topic or niche. Because the competition is very high these days. Intelligent bloggers pick a specific topic that has low competition and continue to write on that. Once they have enough content they get visitors. This needs around 5-6 months of hard work doing SEO. and some other online marekting techniques. This is a complete topic that would be discussed in later posts. How can blog be used to earn money?

  • Running advertisements.
  • Affiliate marketing (Promoting others products).
  • Selling your own services.
  • Selling products.
  • Writing reviews.

This is one of the most important factor for the increasing number of blogs. I will write in detail about every method that you can use for establishing an online business.

  • For personal use:

Many people create blogs for their personal use. These kind of blogs are just for connecting with like minded people or write about their daily routines. Some write about their dogs or pets and how they are being raised up. Such people do not create blogs with their own domain( A name of website ) or hosting( A place where website’s files and content is stored). This blog was created by me back in 2015 when i started working as a freelance xenforo developer.

So this was an overview about blogging and what is a blog. I hope i was able to show the realistic information for you. I can proudly say that this post do not have even a single affiliate link (Which redirects users to buy some products for commission).If you have any question or want to discuss something about your career with me you can inform me in comments

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