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Many times we see people in amazing cars and long vacations without having an industry or solid business. We are forced to ask what do you do? And this reply makes us shocked and curious “I AM A FREELANCER”. Perhaps you are also searching for an answer to this question?? “What is freelancer? What the hell is this freelancer ? how he manage to stay free all the day and enjoy life this way. Freelancers and freelancing is growing at high pace these days and many people do not know about this amazing opportunity.

What is freelancer?

A freelancer is a person who works for different companies on selective projects without commitment of full time job. A freelancer is not commited to do 9-5 for any company. Freelancer can belong to any field, He can be a photographer, a content writer or anyone who knows he can offer his services to people without committing to any 1 company. Most of the freelancers belong to IT, Programming and online projects. Freelancers work on temporary basis. They are like a small company having  1 employee only, and that single employee is this freelancer himself. He can work whenever he likes and for anyone he wish to work.

A freelancer is sometimes referred as an independent contractor. Most of them have a plan and a skill. They know this skill is needed by people and he can market this skill to earn good money without committing to a single company on fixed price.

Why become a freelancer?

Well, there are so many perks and benefits being a freelancer when someone doing 9-5 job realize that he is earning half f the amount that an independent contractor earns and he gets answer of this question “what is freelancer”? he would definitely long to join this amazing business model.

  • A freelancer is his own boss.
  • He is not answerable to anyone.
  • Can work whenever he wants.
  • He can earn as much as he wants.
  • Can explore the world and what he likes.
  • Is always open for new challenges.
  • Spend life in his own way.

Above mentioned points are very lucrative and looks really easy, But in reality a freelancer have to work really hard at the beginning of his career. He knows after being a freelancer he cannot get that fixed amount of salary in his account and he have to find some way to get small contracts continuously.

He should be a good learner and try new things daily, Because once the skill he have becomes obsolete  there would be no future for him. So he should continue to learn and explore new things.

In companies there are many team members and colleagues who can help each other to solve the problem. But a freelancer is his own employee and his own boss. If he is unable to do some task he know he is not going to get PAID. Sometimes he have to work for days and nights to get the things done.

In short, A freelancer is a person who is have enough courage to leave fill time job and start his own ventures. He is skilled  and competent  enough to handle the challenges and targets alone. In my point of view if you want to be a freelancer you should have good skills and courage and self confidence.

When you can become a freelancer?

Well there is no exact time or stage in life that can be defined as perfect time to start freelancing. Sometimes even people with 30+ years of experience start doing freelancing and fail miserably. Sometimes students start freelancing and start earning more than their parents while they are in School. The perfect time to start freelancing is understand the basics and risk management. If you can do risk management, time management and have a plan for yourself you can become a freelancer any time.

At shallibegin i write about freelancing and success guides for freelancers.I am a freelance xenforo developer. If you have any question or want to discuss something about your career with me you can inform me in comments.

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