What is Future of telecom engineers

Future of telecom engineer can be very bright because it is the core of all the communication related fields. All the communication in the world cannot take place if there is no telecom engineering it is a combination of electrical and computer engineering which helps to enhance telecommunication.It is also connected with electronic, system and civil engineering. The telecommunication takes part from a wired old decade phone to this era internet from a GPS navigation system to a tracker and so on. Telecommunication also focuses on designs and development of voice and data communication system, satellite, wired and unwired, and the encoding and compression of data. It also focuses on compression of data. Knowing about the future of a telecom engineer is a very crucial thing for a person looking to work or graduate in this field. Following are the point which will determine the fate of telecom engineer on the basis of data and facts.


If we talk on a career and scope based then future of telecom engineers is very bright they are not only very interesting but also contain one of the highest paid jobs (you can check the average pay of a telecom engineer using payscale )their scope is very wide and they are at this time reaching their peak. But of course the fate depends on the work they do with knowledge, interest and experience. Following are the factor which states the future of telecom engineer on the basis of scope, skills, challenge they face, career, salary, jobs. Etc.

Skill and challenges:


The first and foremost condition on which the future of telecom engineer depends is how skilled that future of telecom engineerperson is and how fast he can respond to challenges. A typical telecom engineer has responsibility of constructing a telecommunication system and device this require an engineer to draft a good strategy, a perfect plan, design and also meet the software and hardware requirement to make the desired telecommunication device which determined the future of a telecom engineer.

After gaining some experience a telecom engineer have to define goals, identify a scope give the background and organize an estimate costing of equipment and services so ability of doing all of these plays an important role in developing future of telecom engineer.

The future of telecom engineer is also depends on how good that person can solve the problem, because analytical and problem solving skill have always proved to be a plus point for engineers.

Future of telecom engineers on the basis of Career Opportunities:

Future in any field depends on how much opportunities people gat presented in that field similarly future of telecom engineer also depend on the number of opportunities following are the name of the companies which are providing a good career growth which can promise a great future of telecom engineer.

Telecom equipment manufacturers like Samsung, Nokia. Etc.

Telecom network providers companies

The Banks and Financial institutions

All Research laboratories across the globe

If one does not get into the big companies he can still start from an internship in a small company and gain experience and then he can take these big steps in these way the future of telecom engineer will be built too.

Developments and trend in telecom engineering:

The one main thing to look for if you want to attain a good future in telecom engineering is keeping up with all trends and changing happening at that time and have to cope up with the changes and development and have to keep themselves updated so they can make things better than their competition.

Main points of a career in telecom engineering:

The main point of making a career in telecom engineering is working hard at the peak of cutting edge of technology. Some of the best kind of job in world offer by this industry they also have to face the challenges to prove your scalability in leaving behind big telecom companies in competition. So they were the points to look for while thinking of a future of a telecom engineer.

What does industry seek:

If one is looking for a future of telecom engineer he must look for what the industry is seeking to hire those person the industry of telecom engineering now a days are seeking the graduates in electronics, control, instruments, material, physics, software and none the less telecom engineering.

Salary of telecom engineer:

Telecom engineering is in a growing pace and not only in the first world but also Pakistan .if someone looking for a future of telecom engineer than salary must have come to their mind in every now and then, the starting salary of a telecom engineer ranges from 18 thousand to 40cthousand and after spending sometime of five year in the field can boast your salary to 60 thousand to 1 lac which is a very good salary and give a promising factor for a person looking for a future of telecom engineer.


First of all if someone has interest in telecom field he is sure to get success as a future of telecom engineer is really secure it is a very good career for the one seeking to job in companies in our own country and overseas. A telecom engineer have a very good value as compare to the people in other fields all he need to do is have confidence be smart and have ability to save problems.

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