When to quit your job to start a freelance business

When to quit your job to start a freelance business | Shallibegin

When to quit your job is the second most important and wise decision you should take once you are satisfied with the facts and perks of freelancing. It is tough to explain the benefits of business and freelancing to people who have been doing jobs for more than five years. That’s why I have explained in this post that I do not love your company. It would help if you switched your companies often for your benefit. From the first day at your job, you should focus on becoming a freelancer. The exact timing of When to quit your job is critical. Before you think about quitting a job, you should already have a mindset of people in business and entrepreneurship. It would be best if you thought like a freelancer while working full-time. 

Ask why are you quitting your job before deciding when to quit your job

There are many reasons behind quitting a job. The exact answer to question “When to quit your job” depends on why are you quitting?

  • Not satisfied with the salary?
  • Do not love your job role?
  • Want to learn new skills?
  • Had  fight with a colleague?
  • Want to become a freelancer??

It would help if you had reasons and plans for every action. Because sometimes one lousy move can make you regret it for the rest of your life. Do everything with plans and actions. It looks very adventurous to make bold decisions. But having a plan can save you from some bad phases of life.

So When to quit your job?


Most of the time, people quit their jobs because they think the salary paid for their services is very low, and they cannot meet the daily expenses with this job. Primarily, People who think like this have been working for 5-6 years. I have warned the new pass-out graduates and freelancers about this situation in different posts. If you fall into this category, there is nothing to worry the world is open for hard workers. I have not seen in my life that a person doing hard work has failed to achieve something extraordinary. Suppose you quit your current job to join a new company that might offer you a better salary. Keep in mind a day will come when you will not be satisfied with that salary also. So, make a solid plan for yourself. When to quit your job is not essential; why you quit is essential. This is a good post for people complaining about salaries.

Job role:

If you do not love your job role you have already wasted you time. Unless, you were collecting money to do something that you love. For example some people do odd jobs to have enough money that can help them to start their new ventures. Do not do something that you do not love. You are cheating yourself when to quit your jobby doing such things that do not satisfy you. This is worst crime in terms of professional career. But do not panic, do not quit immediately. When to quit your job Make solid plans about what you love to do and where you should be. Promise yourself that you would not cheat yourself anymore. Give yourslef a deadline to achieve some goals. For example “I will learn the skills that i love in 2 months”. I will quit when i get a job in that field. This would be easy for you to plan for your future. Have you read about the story of KFC’s Colonel Sanders ?

New skills from new company?

This is one of the best decisions for quitting your job. Quitting current job to learn about new things from a new company is best decision. when to quit your jobBecause when you think about yourself you plan better for yourself. Your life ends when you stop thinking. So when you have a new offer from a company that you think would teach you new skills even if salary is less than current job, Go for that. Believe me it would help you in future and it is perfect answer to your question “When to quit your job“.

Had fight with a colleague?

Well, That is one of the many reasons people quit their jobs. Because seniors always quarrel and degrade junior workers to release their frustration. Office politics are very common all over the world. Either you should continue to bear these things or speak out loudly about your right. If you have already decided to quit make sure you inform the management and other officials about why you are quitting and how they can improve their office culture. But i would say you should stay there if management is supportive because you cannot run from every place. You should face the challenges. But make sure you let others know about the mischievous behavior of those people. In this case Exact time about when to quit yor job can only be decided by you and your ego. But again think wisely.

Want to be an entrepreneur?

businessman shallibegin

Welcome to the club, this is the best decision you can make. Thank your amygdala for this beautiful thought. Job can never be compare with freelancing or business. You have so many perks and good reasons in front of you when you make this decision. When you think you have enough skills and what it takes to start business this is exact time when to quit your job. Jot down the plan and get ready with a timeline of your goals. You should understand your business model and how to start it. research about that and execute them correctly. You will succeed for sure.

In short, when you think you have enough savings that can be used for your expenses while you find your new job, you are SURE that you will get a better offer from some other company. Or you have another income method; you are ready to quit your job. Mostly, people want to quit when they already have a good job offer in front of them. This is the best option. But sometimes, we need rest to think and plan for our life. After all, humans are not machines. You should rest for a week or two and spend your time thinking and planning for yourselves. You have already started thinking about yourself when you made a plan to quit this job. You have to think more deeply and take bold steps to do something great in the world.

If you have any questions or want to discuss something about your career with me, you can inform me in the comments. I have been working as a web and xenforo developer since 2015.

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