XenForo AliExpress affiliate addon to get deep links for products

aliexpress affiliate addon

I have recently coded the XenForo AliExpress affiliate addon that converts regular links to appropriate AliExpress affiliate links concerning the tracking ID and API key specified in the options. XenForo aliexpress affiliate addon is coded for aliexpress affiliates and those board owners with millions of aliexpress links in their board that, if converted, can generate handsome revenue. Typically, affiliates must find a product at aliexpress, copy its link, and put it in their URL converter to get their deep link. This deep link is then posted in the forums. I have kept this process simple and less hectic. Let me show you details and a demo of the XenForo AliExpress affiliate plugin. You can jump directly to the video at the end if you don’t feel like reading texts.

XenForo Aliexpress affiliate addon details

The addon currently converts the links posted in individual XenForo Threads, Posts, Member Signatures, Conversations, and profile posts. After installation, the admin can set his API key and tracking ID that would be used to convert links. If it is not set, the normal links will not be replaced. XenForo AliExpress affiliate addon also includes 3 CRON jobs that can be triggered by the administrator to convert old Posts, Signatures, and conversations. 

This addon has been deployed and tested at three different forums for old link conversion testing. There are different types of product URLs that can be extracted from Aliexpress, for example, country-specific domains country.aliexpress.com and normal www.aliexpress.com. We are converting all such links with their API. For example, let’s see some original links and their corresponding affiliate links.

Original Link:

Converted Link:

Installation Procedure:

How to install XenForo aliexpress affiliate addon:
1: Get the Zip file of this addon.
2: Extract the files.
3: Upload the contents of upload folder at Xf ROOT.
4: Find xml file inside upload folder and import it from xf admin panel.

You should have the addon installed now.


Initial setup for XenForo aliexpress affiliate addon:

1: Add the tracking id and api key in the options goto admin panel -> Home -> Options [FlipLogics] AliExpress affiliate options.
2: Run the Crons associated with [FlipLogics] prefix. 
3: All the existing urls would be converted.

Now you can easily add new aliexpress links and if there is some affiliate link associated with that it would be converted. Otherwise normal link wold stay there.

Video for a demo:

How to Get this addon

I am freelance php programmer and web developer. I code custom addons and web applications for clients , i am working to launch my resource and scripts site that should be up and live very soon .For now you can contact me to get this addon for a small fee. I also offer custom Freelance xenforo development services. 

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