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I am a go-to freelance xenforo developer for many board Admins for custom coding.

I have been working with Xenforo since XF1.5.x. Coding for both versions of XenForo provided me with a clear understanding of how XF actually works and how to convert abandoned or Custom addons coded for older versions. I follow XF recommended code ethics and make sure my code is compatible with third party addons and XenForo Updates.


“Software Engineer from Pakistan”

Top Rated Freelance Xenforo Developer

How i got into Xenforo Development

I used to code plugins for Vbulletin and setup forums for people in good old days, When facebook groups were not very popular Forums and Communities were winning. With the popularity of FB groups and to engage the people a powerful and highly customizable forum software was needed. Unfortunately, Other forum software’s were lacking all these capabilities and people were losing interest. 

Xenforo was launched adressing these pain points and provided a developer friendly interface and class extensions, Custom JS framework, Hooks and many other awesome features. These features made a developer’s life easy to convert the ideas into functions. Board admins got a robust and highly customizable forum software. They started molding it to suit their targeted audience .

With a very few developers who can code for XenForo i switched my jo. I started working with some best XenForo Developers in my town as a full time team member in 2016. This is when i fell in love with it and abandoned development for other forum software’s.

My Journey as a Xenforo Developer

I started working as a freelance xenforo developer in 2016 and unfortunately there were very few resources to learn about XF Development. I used to download and read code of some famous Xenforo addons and custom solutions written by the Dev team i worked with. This process was hectic at that time, but i am glad that i am one of the few skilled and best xenforo developers who provide freelance services.

These are some of the core freelance xenforo development services i provide.

  • Addon Development (Both Xenforo 1 and Xenforo 2).
  • Addon customization.
  • Addon Upgrade.
  • Addon Optimization.
  • Style Development.
  • Data imports from other forums.
  • Custom Importers.
  • Forum upgrades and environment configuration.
  • Xenforo SEO.

XenForo Monthly Maintenance

As a XenForo Programmer i have been receiving many requests from different Forum Admins to fix the unexpected issues that happen to their forum. Some board owners try to keep the things simple and hire someone for monthly changes and health check or Banner changes etc. If you are looking for someone to work with you on a fixed monthly rate for bug fixing and maintenance. I am available to help you with that. I can co-operate with your server staff and moderators to keep your forum running without any issue.

Svg Vector Icons :

Migrations From Other Forums

Xenforo staff provides great customer support and their software is secure and simply great. This is what made hundreds of forums switch from Vbulletin etc to XenForo. Although, XenForo provides default importers that can be used to import data from some famous forums. Still unexpected results are possible and it is recommended to go with a professional to handle your migration. I can handle your forum migration to xenforo using best practices to make sure nothing is missed and so that you do not lose your seo efforts.

XenForo Upgrades

With the launch of XF2 many boards have already improved their forum technology by upgrading to xenforo 2. As an experienced XenForo developer i can help you make this move with proper analysis. I make sure to upgrade forums by taking complete backups and check the addons that would not be compatible with the newest version. If some important addon goes incompatible i can either code it from scratch for you or upgrade those to match with the version that you are upgrading to. I have also converted many addons to XenForo 2 that were being used at the XF1 but the author is not available to upgrade

XenForo Styles Development

I can create amazing XenForo 2 Styles matching your home page or other Content management system like wordpress that you are already using along with your Forum. Recently i have coded some custom styles for Some big boards that are available for demo in my blog’s section. Like XenForo addons, for the Development of custom themes and styles a developer needs good understanding of XenForo template engine and the idea of template modifications and template variables. The styles that i create are always done using xenforo coding standards and proper template modifications where needed.

XenForo Addon Customization

While there are already many custom addons being made by companies and programmers available at resources section. Still most of the time board admins need some additions or customizations to match their needs. Most of the xenforo developers do not like to work on existing addons because it is difficult to follow the code logic of the original author. I think i have spent 40 percent of my development time in past 2 years customizing existing addons. It helped me to know about new things and techniques that developers follow.

Xenforo Addon Development

As a XenForo developer i can code custom addons following the standards set by XF team. While there are many issues with most of the custom solutions like direct SQL queries in the controllers, Poorly designed Entities and Repositories. I always make sure to code secure and lightweight addons for the best performance and page speed. The best results can only be achieved if the developer knows about the database structure and how XenForo class proxy system works. I have alot of experience under my belt to code a perfect xenforo addon based on your requirements.

Reviews related to Xenforo Development
Paul Austin
Paul Austin
The Third Wave
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Haseeb put in a lot of hour with us to get our xenforo forum implemented. He was always willing to revisit glitches and put in more time to get the job done. Quite patient through frustrating issues. He is surely a very good freelancer.
Mike Ford
Mike Ford
Ip cam Talk
Read More
I have been working with Haseeb now since 2018. He has coded many custom web applications and xenforo addons for me. I regularly hire him for my php based web application maintenance and updates. Highly recommended.
Chase Amante
Chase Amante
Skilled Seducer
Read More
Haseeb is an Outstanding Web Developer. We hired a range of freelancers to build a custom application. Haseeb's was the best designed, build perfectly to spec, and for the best value. We are very happy with him and will immediately rehire him for a larger Xenforo project. Highly recommended.
Majjed Zeido
Majjed Zeido
World Wide Invest
Read More
I have worked with so many developers and struggled to find a reliable xenforo developer. Haseeb created an addon for my xenforo forum that i badly needed, . i will surely hire him in future.
Ankit Jain
Ankit Jain
Read More
Haseeb's Knowledge of Xenforo and Laravel is excellent. This is my 3rd project with Haseeb and he never let me down. He always go above and beyond expectations.The addon was perfectly done and was properly tested.
Josh Williams
Josh Williams
Moroting Alliance
Read More
Haseeb did a great job. There were a number of unknowns and changes in this forum development. Haseeb worked through those changes, was very responsive and stood behind his work. If there were any issues that found later, he fixed those issues quickly and without charge . I would hire again.
Xenforo Development Faq's
I have been working remotely as a freelancer since long time. It is imperative to do frequent meetings and provide updates about the project to make sure the process smooth. I am in Pakistan GMT+5. But i can easily match your timezone if needed.
Yes, this is my core skill and i am working as a xenforo developer for some big boards. I can create an addon from scratch. I would need proper requirements or a virtual meeting to understand your idea and functionality. From my experience i think the best outcome can be achieved if you can provide with me a document explaining your xenforo addon requirements and let me skim that before we do a meeting.
Yes, I can style and customize your forum to match your provided PSD/Figma. Please make sure the xenforo designer you hire knows about Xenforo and its core features. Mostly designers miss core XenForo features and it is not a wise idea to hide / delete some must have widgets and stats sections. You can put me in touch with your designer if needed for consultation.
Yes, i can customize the addons that you already have. I make sure the addon customization's that i do are done using an extension for the addon without changing core code of the original xenforo addon, So that you can avail the updates. I have done customizations for Dbtech Credits addon and Xenforo Resource manager.
My hourly rate for Xenforo Development is 40 Usd per hour. I can provide you fixed price quote too. It depends upon the functionality and how long it would take to code the it.
Well, looking at Xenforo community and recent bad experience of the people looking for developers. I always use Escrow services like and or Fiverr with new contracts. I am top rated at these platforms and willing to work through these only to make i am paid and you get what you need.
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