XenForo Rss feeds addon to import feeds with different criterias

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We have recently coded XenForo rss feeds addon. The requirements were to improve normal XenForo rss feeds system so that the admin can configure the fields using different criterias. Normal XenForo feeds work in away that you have to go to Admin panel and register new feeds from any external website. There is no option to import feeds with admin defined criterias. Normally if you configure a feed XenForo would import all the recent feeds in the forum that you specify in the admin panel.  These screenshots show the exact process.

XenForo rss feeds addon

XenForo rss feeds 2


Requirements for XenForo Rss feeds addon:


1: Get an option to configure xenforo rss feeds so that admin can import feeds depending upon time of the feed. i.e exclude  Rss Feed items that are older than specified time.

2: Exclude or Include  Rss Feed items that are created by specific Author.

3: Exclude or include Rss feed items created in specific category.

4: Exlude or include Rss Feed items  created using specific keywords.


XenForo Rss feeds addon screenshot and explanation:


xenforo rss feeds


Basically these options would allow admin to configure Rss feeds from different websites. This is fully automated process. Different forums can be configured to receive feeds from different websites and from the categories that are appropriate for those forums. This addon is currently being used at almost 5 different forums without a single reported issue.

This XenForo rss feeds addon is suitable for those who want to fill up the empty space of their new forums with some external feeds.


This addon is not for sale at out forums because it was coded for an individual client who funded that. It is not upgraded to XF2 yet. If you think you need something like this for your forums you can contact me. Also i am a freelance xenforo developer and expert with custom addon development.

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