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I am a Freelance Php Programmer and can convert your ideas into PHP code

I am a Php programmer and Custom PHP development expert. I have strong OOP concepts and have worked with Core PHP and frameworks like Zend, Yii, CodeIgniter and Laravel. My favorite PHP framework is Laravel and i can code reactive web components using Tall stack or VueJS. As a freelance php developer i have handled some complext web projects from Development to deployment.


“Professional Coder and Software Engineer from Pakistan”

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There is a hot debate on the internet since a decade saying “Php is Dying”. If you chose PHP for your web development project let me share why php development and php developers are still high in demand

Why choose a Php programmer for your Project

Php is not going away anytime soon, not because many developers know it. Because its not the same as it was a few years ago. It still powers more than half of the websites. WordPress and Magento and Forum software’s like Xenforo have already been first choice of webmasters. It is still the best programming technology for any kind of the website. 

The most important thing a webmaster has to do is to find a best freelance php programmer. From my experience i think a web developer working with PHP has to use following skills and techniques for coding any kind of Modern Web Application.

  • Use latest PHP version. Newer versions contain improved libraries and functions that can drastically improve web speed and user experience. Asynchronus design and jit compiler are big deals for new websites.

  • A php developer using new features like Named arguments, Nullsafe operators, Match expressions etc.

  • Instead of using Core PHP adopting a modern frameworks like Laravel is highly recommended, It  greatly improves the development time and provide packages for most common tasks.

  • Due diligience is compulsory before hiring a php programmer to make sure a developer is capable and speaks PHP well enough to use these tools in proper way.

I think most important quality of a very good php programmer is he knows how to read the code and how to code the logic in best possible way. As a php freelancer I always try keep myself updated with the new techniques and technologies for coding websites.


Why i think i am a Good Php Developer

While most of the coders are free to brag about themselves on their websites and blogs i would like to share the things with logic. I mean think i am the best php programmer 🙂 but  I would like to show why i think like that and would want share some qualities that i possess and these qualities really make a difference.

I try to understand the problem i never do fake promises just to get hired for easy money. My first priority is always to understand the problem that i am going to solve as an Engineer. I studied this good quote while i was an engineering student and it is very helpful in professional life  “A Problem Well-Defined is a Problem Half-Solved

After solving half of php development problem i solve other half by choosing the best framework and technology for development. If an eCommerce website is needed using PHP why would i go for a custom coding? Unless it is highly custom requirement.  So without reinventing the wheel i make sure i use a platform that can help reduce development time and costs.

I am not jack of all and master of none.  Although i can do front end development using Tailwind,Bootstrap, React Js etc  and backend development with PHP, I prefer to work as a backend developer when coding in a team having a better UI Developer than me.

Working remotely as a php developer has challenges and it is responsibility of the developer to make the hiring and web development process a charm for the client. I always make sure that a person who hires me for development of his idea gets no disappointment. Mostly developers disappoint clients by:

  • Not providing updates.
  • Not appearing for meetings.
  • Bad code quality.
  • Incorrect implementation of the idea.
  • Poor Communication skills.
  • Trying to push for more money.
  • Silly bugs in the code.

From my experience and with recent interactions with the hiring managers and their feedback, I have tried to improve and evolve as a freelancer and have received appreciations many times, some of those appreciations i have mentioned in the reviews section of this page. I think as a freelance Php developer or web programmer a developer must possess earnest attitude of getting the problem solved and outputs delivered as per commitments..!!

What i can do as a freelance php developer

As a Senior PHP developer having almost 7 years of experience in php and web development niche. I have got chance to code Web Apps having functionalities ranging from basic to complex level. I would like to list a few Web Applications that i am proud to develop and what functionality they had.

A multivendor Gifts website: I coded a website like Moonpig (A famous card gift application in UK) with added functionality of ability for venors to list the products too. The most complex functionlity in that Application was getting the card designed and sending the final design for printing at third party printing service using their API.

A freelance marketplace like fiverr: I coded a web application using Laravel framework that was a replica/clone of Fiverr. That project was completed in almost 3 months and developed its UI in tailwind and Alpine JS and backend was coded using Livewire. The most lovely thing in this Application was integrating various payment methods and payouts for sellers based on order statuses.

A credits functionality for Xenforo I coded an addon for xenforo that was a bit like dbtech credits addon, it allowed users to earn credit and points based on certain predefined actions (defined by administrator of the forum). These credits when they reach a certain criteria they would get gifts and can withdraw the money from forum using Btc or Paypal. The most beautiful thing about this was everything can be configured by administrator and he had full control.

There are many other applications that i developed as a freelance php programmer but i think they can be discussed in our virtual meeting session. Here is an overview of the services i offer.

Wordpress Development

There are around 1.3B websites in the world and more than 450 Million are powered by WordPress, If you are looking for a freelance php programmer who can create elegant websites using WordPress site builders like Elementor, WpBakery etc, Or a reliable freelance wordpress developer to code Plugins and Themes from scratch you can get in touch with me. I have good experience with WordPress programming and coding themes from scratch.

Custom Php Development

People have been comparing Php with other backend technologies like NodeJs, Python and .Net since ages. Many of them say Php is dead or dying, But it has not happened in last 10 years and would not happen anytime soon. So if you have made a decision to get your website developed in Php, I can code a robust and elegant website from scratch for you. I can code your web application using a framework or from scratch depending upon your needs.

Laravel Development

Laravel has been first choice of php programmers and web developers since 2011 soon after it was launched. It gradually came to number 1 because of its libraries and awesome features. If you need a freelance web developer who can code a robust and secure web application using php laravel framework i could be your long term developer for that. I have done some awesome web appplications using Laravel that are live and handling thousands of visitors.

Shopify App Development

Shopify is best platform to start drop-shipping or an online business with no coding knowledge. Hosted shopify stores are growing in number because we dont need to buy hosting etc for launch and setup. But if you find it difficult to setup shopify theme or need a freelance php programmer to code custom shopify applications i can help you with that. I can code shopify Apps from scratch.

Xenforo Development

Online Forums and communities are growing day by day and so are the forum software's, People who understand the real power of communities prefer forums over Facebook Groups. Xenforo has been one of the best forum software's out there. If you need any services related to xenforo development i can help you with that, I have alot of experience with Xenforo addon and theme development.

CsCart Development

I specialize in custom CsCart development and integration with third-party systems. I can create ecommerce stores from basic to complex level ranging from multivendor ecommerce stores like Amazon to a freelance marketplace like fiverr. I have done many custom themes and Plugins for Cscart that were for individual customers who need additional functionality for their store.

Php Development Reviews
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Haseeb did a fantastic job making a laravel based application for us. Great to work with and excellent communication. He was available and provided frequent updates on various platforms Whtasapp, Discord, Slack.Thoroughly recommended! I will use him again for other projects.
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Great communication, I got a very reasonable quote and I received perfect web application from Haseeb. I will work with him in the near future again, that's for sure, absolutely recommended!
Chase Amante
Chase Amante
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Haseeb is an Outstanding Php programmer. We hired different freelancers for same web application. Haseeb's was the best of all of them, and within out budget. We are glad we found him at Upwork and we would surely rehire him for a larger web project.
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Haseeb was able to implement all of my requests and took care of the revisions in a quick and efficient manner. He is also on top of communication and is very professional. I know who I'm going to for my next php programming job.
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Haseeb is a true professional and is an expert with php programming. Haseeb was easy to deal with, easy to communicate with and went above and beyond my expectations. Very trustworthy, will be using Hassan again for sure!
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Really good work! Everything we ask for was done and we also had little bonus, so we’re really happy with his work. We recommend at 100% for php development and web development. Definitely going to rehire him.
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Php Development Faq's
I have been working remotely as a freelancer since long time. It is imperative to do frequent meetings and provide updates about the project to make sure the process smooth. I am in Pakistan GMT+5. But i can easily match your timezone if needed.
It depends on the type of web application you need, For example:For eCommerce websites i can use Opencart, WordPress, Shopify or Magento For forums i can use IpBoard or Xenforo For Blogs i recommend WordPress For custom php development it can be Laravel or Codeigniter.So it all depends on your requirements and what you want to achieve.
Yes, i can create web applications using PHP and its frameworks from scratch. I am not a very good UI designer so i would recommend you to get a website designed by a professional graphic designer and i will put life in it using latest front end technologies and frameworks.I can handle your project from Development to Deoployment and Maintenance
Yes, if the project is interesting i would surely love to work full time on your project.If you are a company that needs a full time employee i would love to know about your product and what you are developing, I am always open for remote full time roles for companies who is going to launch something special and different.
I charge 30 Usd per hour for php development projects, but it depends upon what the project is and for how long you need my PHP development services.
I have listed links to some of my freelance profiles where i am working as a php coder, there are many positive reviews that you can check. Or you can contact me for a Zoom meeting so that i can share the applications in action.
Yes, i have a github profile, you can check it here at this link.
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